Real-time travel guide web application built with vanilla JavaScript.

Real-time travel guide.

The design idea behind the project was an app that would guide tourists around a new place and find local attractions while roaming.

The resulting project locates a user and displays their position on a map, surrounded by markers indicating nearby attractions that they can interact with. All of which updates in real time.

You can view the source code here.

Google Maps API Integration.

The app makes use of the Google Maps, Google Places and HTML Geolocation APIs to provide data to a JavaScript front end.

Using these APIs allowed Sojourn to:

  • Find and watch a users geolocation.
  • Display and update that geolocation on a map marker.
  • Find nearby places and display them on the map for the user to interact with.

Progressive web app optimised for mobile.

Due to its requirements & scope, Sojourn was designed and built to be optimal for use on mobile devices.

As well as responsive design, this included incorporating progressive web app features such as:

  • App manifest: providing meta information allowing the app to be launched from a mobile home screen.
  • Service workers: caching assets and requests speeding up the app, allowing it to load offline.